2017-2019 BDT Weaknesses & What 2021 BECE Candidates Must Do

2017-2019 BDT Weaknesses & How 2021 BECE Candidates Must Do

Ghana Education News | BDT student weaknesses since 2017 and how 2021 BECE Candidates Can Overcome is a well-researched piece by BDT teachers to help candidates perform well in the BECE 2021 Examination.

WAEC since 2017 has identified a worrying trend that provides reasons why BECE Candidates fail the Pre Technical Skills paper.

This important article explains in detail the weaknesses of students with regards to the Pre Technical Skills Paper. It also sheds light on mistakes students do in the examination hall. Finally, we share some of the critical recommendations by WAEC which are aimed at helping BECE candidates perform better during the BECE Pre Technical Skills paper.

While many of the reasons why candidates fail their examination or obtain ow marks can be avoided, many candidates continue to display several weaknesses in answering questions leading to low grades in BDT (Pre TECH Skills).

2017-2019 BDT Weaknesses & What 2021 BECE Candidates Must Do

Some of the weaknesses candidates have displayed between 2017 and 2019 according to the BECE Pre Technical Skills Chief Examiners report include the following.


1. Candidates inability to differentiate between questions that require them to “label” and “list” where they are required to label parts of a sketch, they rather listed the parts under the sketch.

A candidate who does this will score zero for the parts listed because, the sketch and label question aims at assessing the ability of BECE candidates to match the names of parts of a given tool, etc to the actual part of the sketch.

Students get confused if the question requiring them to sketch and label are separate sub-questions.


1. (a) Sketch a trowel


(b) Label four parts of the trowel.

Although this question is 1 ( a)  and (b)

They are best answered together by labeling the parts after sketching.

Make such in such a situation you number the answer as 1 ( a and b). Do not list the parts instead use straight short lines to connect the part names to the correct parts of the tool sketched.

Again some candidates answer all four questions instead of question one(1) and


any other two. Failing to read instructions can create problems for candidates.

If a candidate answers more than the required questions it means he or she failed to read the instructions given.

Again, when the paper is being marked the examiner may mark only the first few questions and cross through the rest after marking the required number of questions.

Answering more than the required questions is also a waste of time and effort in the exam hall. It would only make the available time for answering questions insufficient.

Candidates are often not able to make good sketches in three dimensions to obtain full marks.


It is important that teachers encourage candidates to practice or learn to sketch tools in three dimensions using their knowledge in oblique and isometric drawings in form one. Nearly every tool or equipment in Pre-Tech can be sketched this way to earn the maximum score. Sketching should be made part of learning the subject.

Spelling, grammar, and sentence construction remain major challenges for candidates.

Some candidates show a lack of knowledge in the design and make processes. Revisions ahead of the BECE must not be done without extensively going through JHS one lessons since they form the majority of the core skills questions.

Again, Candidates seem to enjoy drawing in isometrics but do not commit the same interest when drawing in orthographic projections.

Candidates need to master the difference between shovel and spade in terms of their physical difference and uses. Note that Shovel has a V-like cutting edge while a spade has a flat cutting edge. This should guide Students when sketching them.


The Chief Examiner has therefore called for the following to help improve students performance.

a. Teachers should ensure that candidates are adequately prepared before they sit for

the examination by completing the syllabuses.

b. Candidates should be advised to answer questions on only the aspect they

registered for in question one (1).


c. Teachers should encourage candidates to acquire the habit of reading as a means

to improve on their English Language competence.

d. Schools should ensure that there are qualified teachers teaching the various

subjects forming the BDT and also provide the necessary tools and equipment.

e. Teachers should teach candidates how to answer questions. They should be


impressed upon to read and adhere strictly to the demands of the rubrics.

f. Teachers should endeavour to complete the syllabus with their candidates.

g. Qualified teachers should be engaged to teach all the aspects that constitute the BDT, i.e. Pre-Technical Skills, Home Economics and Visual Art. This will help Candidates to master the various sub Sections.

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Candidates need teachers who will guide them on how to answer questions. Practice questions should be given to candidates to answer. They must follow the methods of answering the questions when attempting to provide answers. This should become a habit and skill students develop from JHS 1 so that they will master the skills of answering questions ahead of the examination.


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We believe this educative article titled 2017-2019 BDT Students Weaknesses & What 2021 BECE Candidates Must Do has enlightened you.

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