4 Bad Sleeping Habits That Are Keeping You From Quality Sleep

Bad sleeping habits

Bad sleeping habits can deprive you of quality sleep all night long unless you deal with it ones and for all.  

Do you spend ages lying in bed, unable to fall asleep? Or maybe you wake up feeling groggy, but can’t quite shake that feeling all day. None of this is random. You probably have a few bad habits that make those 8 hours of quality sleep hard to achieve. Keep reading to find out what those Bad sleeping habits are, and how you can shake them.


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The 4 Bad Sleeping Habits 


Eating Right Before Bed

You may be overdoing it with the midnight snacks. If you eat right before getting into bed, it could be preventing you from enjoying a prompt and high-quality night’s sleep. Why? When your stomach is really full, acid creeps into your esophagus, resulting in heartburn or indigestion. When your body is upright, gravity helps keep that stomach acid in place. But lying down makes the problem worse, allowing the acid to creep up and keep you awake. The best solution is to stop eating 2 to 3 hours before sleep.

How About A Nightcap?

Yes, having an alcoholic drink before bed might make you drowsy. But it will also mess up your sleep cycle, inhibiting you from an uninterrupted night’s rest. That’s because, as multiple studies point out, alcohol disrupts your ability to enter and remain in a deep, restful state of sleep. As a result, you’ll feel groggy the next morning (if not hungover). Better keep the nightcaps to the early evening.

Night Owl’s Paradise

Some of us are just more productive at night. But much of the time, even self-confessed night owls are also spending those wee hours watching TV or scrolling endlessly through Instagram. While it can be hard, setting and keeping a definite bedtime can help you get into a healthier schedule. Try “powering down” about a half-hour before bed, by turning off all electronic distractions. Push yourself to go to sleep 15 minutes earlier each night, and to rise 15 minutes earlier the following morning. Before you know it, you’ll be in a more sustainable sleep routine.

Blue Light of Death

Finally, you have to stop sleeping with your phone. The blue light that cellphones, tablets, and computer screens beam into our eyes keep our brains buzzing even when it’s late. As a result, you’ll lie in bed praying to fall asleep while your brain is unable to turn off. Furthermore, it can be very tempting to check your email one last time or to refresh your social media feed once more or play one more round of Candy Crush or check the news one final time. But all of these diversions will be there when you wake up. Sometimes, you have to just accept that playtime is over and it’s time to put it away.


From today, start making efforts toward dealing with your identified Bad sleeping habits.



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