6 Ways to Remember Almost Anything for Exams

Memory Techniques

How to remember almost anything for exams you have learnt whether you are a student, a worker, mum or dad is important. Our brains must be able to remember, recollect and reproduce information that has been introduced to it or stored in it one way or the other.

However, for many of us, this is not the case because, we find it difficult to recollect or remember things we have learnt, where we placed the car key a few seconds ago or we keep moving from one end of the living room to the bedroom just trying to remember where we placed the pen or mails to be posted. 

In this simple to understand guide, I will attempt to help you discover the retentive power of your brain and reignite youthfulness into how your brain functions as a student or worker. 

If you are a student, you are about to discover your brilliance and improve your grades by practising and perfecting these simple tricks. 

1. Quiz your self, Do not reread

For many students, if an attempt to recollect information fails, the option we run to is to read the content all over, then, maybe close our eyes and repeat what has been read a few times to keep them in memory. This does not always work and you know it. One of the best ways is to quiz your self. Yes, quiz your self or with the help of a mate. What is an Atom? If you placed a cup of coffee on the kitchen cabinet, then you should be asking…Where did I place my cup of Coffee?

When you are recalling information, you have to build an excellent pathway which will improve your success at recalling the same information in future.

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The reality is that your ability to recollect information passively will make it stick in the memory.

2. Visualize the information

To help improve your ability to remember (Almost) anything, you have to create visual images with the information or relate the information to an image. How to remember (Almost) anything for exams (BECE/WASSCE/O’ Level’A level) is not all about quizzing your self. You have to visualize the information. 

The most important application in any computer is the windows application or any other substitute

If you are to recollect your windows application in an IT quiz and reproduce it, connect the answer to the window of your room. A balanced diet is any meal with all the required food nutrients in their right proportion. 

Now how can a student recollect this information about a balanced diet in the exams? Why not visualize the coconut. When you break into a coconut, the water in it has all the nutrients one can think of. 

If you can remember the coconut, you should be able to recollect the information about balanced diet as well. 

If you visualize a piece of information, it makes it fairly easy to recollect than just learning it.

3. Structure the information acquired

It is a great thing to break the information right into subgroups with some level of similarity cutting across them. Putting related things together in correct order helps improve their remembering. This explains why students are advised to learn similar topics together.  Being able to explain data, for instance, helps to structure the ideas being communicated by it.


4. Give the information meaning to Remember Almost Anything for Exams

To give the information meaning implies understanding what you are learning. Making meaning out of data helps to recollect the data. Things we learn and understand are easy to remember. The less understanding you have the less you can remember and at worse student will end up learning by root which is not the best way to go with school work.

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5. Relate the information to your self

If you can relate the information to your self, you want to remember (Almost) anything you learn at school. How do you do this? Personalize the information based on your needs, your strength, skills and interest. 

While you make learning “personal” and learn your own way, make your own inputs into the information based on your understanding. This may include, teaching your self all over what you have learnt, asking questions and answering them on the spot orally and in written form. You can ask your self…If the teacher asks this question how am I going to answer it? Well, this is how I will answer it…I will say… or I will write… Then produce the answer.

6. Create a Cue to Remember Almost Anything for Exams

Yes, I mean, create a cue to remember almost anything for exams. A cue is simply a thing that signals your ability to remember what you have learnt in the past now in the present when you need it.

Aks your self which set of information can I easily forget due to maybe its complexity etc. Now, the trick is to link that set of information to a vivid thing that you can recall. This can relate to the Coconut and Balance diet idea discussed earlier. You could come out with a mind map. A  good rhyme or a mnemonic can help achieve this.

Now that I have shared how to remember almost anything tricks with you, it is time to get back to the so-called tough subjects and information that wound not get retained in memory and try again. It is hoped that this knowledge will help you remember almost anything for exams.

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