Akufo-Addo Graduates are violent breeds, lazy and disrespectful

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Sing along with me…Free Education spell your name, Free Education, insult your President. What? Is this what our education system has turned into? But who do we blame if adults are insulting each other on radio and on TV?

Akufo-Addo Graduates are violent breeds, lazy and disrespectful, and dare to insult the President who has been thinking about their future, championing the payment of their secondary education, paying their exams fees for the BECE and WASSCE. Indiscipline among WASSCE students is at its peak today.

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Education is aimed at promoting high ethical behaviours, developing the personality of individuals who believe in working hard to achieve academic goals, and getting their academic priorities right.

Education is to transform and instill good character in students who value and cherish virtues than vices. This then builds a positive approach to life and makes the individual assertive and confident in doing and defending what is right. 

In the end, secondary education puts the individual on a perfect pedestal ready to take the great flight into tailored tertiary education phase, career development phase and self-actualization which must lead to developing a valuable human resource or asset to the nation and the world as well. Ours looks like indiscipline among WASSCE students is the end result. 

The thoughts, emotions, and actions of our so-called Akufo-Addo Graduates after all the investments in them wants to look more like a disappointment than beneficiaries of Free SHS as they seem to be lost and have not achieved the benefits and essence of their secondary education. One paper at the WASSCE 2020 and they have metamorphosed into something else. Have we produced a generation of graduates we will regret in the future? 

Videos making rounds on social media do not surprise the masses. Not at all. Let us go back to the results that some of these students make it to secondary school. Parents can help but to what extent if they are not paying the fees so as to demand good results. Gone are the days your parents would tell you to sit up and better your results or they will stop paying your fees. How much control can and do parents have over their children’s education at the secondary school level now? Teachers, parents, and headteachers cannot discipline and mold the character of our young adults of today, and so indiscipline among WASSCE students is rising steeply. They have become babies with sharp teeth.

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Those who attained record high and shocking grades after their BECE from aggregate 30 to 48  and gained admission to SHS because of Free SHS and those who were not placed by the computerized school selection system and were allowed to do self-placement are writing the WASSCE 2020.
Many of the students in these categories selected programmes they were comparatively at a disadvantage in, like General Science and Business and proceeded to study them. For sure they will struggle through their lessons into the WASSCE 2020 exams hall with few weeks per term to spend in school. 
When you have students with aggregates between 30 to 48  choosing to study General Science and Business among others and being placed by the self-placement system, what else do you expect when they go to the WASSCE and realize they are failing?
A tweet on twitter said

The SHS students insulting the President Akufo Addo in those short videos making the rounds is very depressing to say the least. When did our value system sink so low? Sad!

Discussions on the indiscipline among WASSCE students which have been captured on video has gained prominence everywhere.  The above quote has sparked serious debate as well on TV, social media, radio, and even in our public transport as we see students insult leadership with impunity. For some, the lies by our leaders have led to what these children are exhibiting.

Don’t blame the Akufo-Addo Graduates, blame the leaders! What kind of preparation and learning can students have when students vacate in December and resume in March and they are offered pass questions to solve instead of more teaching and explanations by teachers. They will surely not understand the course.

Instead of letting students stay in school for the usual full-term and enjoy learning, they are only in school for just one month or a maximum of 2 months. How are the students supposed to have enough contact hours to exhaust the syllabus before the examination? 

Some Ghanaians are of the view that the attitude exhibited by the students is due to the lack of punishment for the growing generation in schools. Today,  no teacher will try to put sense in these students. Try it and the GES will say, you are on your own. Parents and community members attack teachers in school over these. For such persons, I say, punishment does not always correct people, but counseling and self-realization better do it and teachers are not trained to be punishing students. 

It’s an abhorrent behaviour that needs to be corrected, but who will do it? Hopefully, those students will be identified and disciplined. What kind of punishment do they deserve? None.

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It’s unfortunate that is happening, but why should the president also set a bad precedent by giving them past questions with his pictures on them. We should get ready for the boom in remedial school, to pay more for such education services, and see more of our SHS graduates heading into apprenticeship training rather than tertiary institutions.
These are young minds who will definitely misconstrue the 400,000 past questions supplied to them by the government to be actual exam questions. The case of propaganda gone bad.
Today, every gift of a politician has his or her picture on it, even if the money used is that of the taxpayer. That is unethical and dishonesty.
Disciplined schools; Archbishop porter girls, Wesley girls, and the likes also have Akufo-Addo Graduates but they won’t do this, however,  what we are seeing are the reflections of the society, the deceit, insults, corruption and the indiscipline exhibited by the people we call leaders and Ghanaians in general. What you sow is what you reap. We are all part of the sinking boat. 
A social media commentator said: Sincerely. I was surprised… but don’t you think there’s everything wrong in this country? And surprisingly, everyone is quiet. They watch their leaders misbehave on tv and nothing happens, insults each other and nothing happens. Don’t they think it has become the norm?
Where are we heading if the first batch of Akufo-Addo Graduates write WASSCE 2020 and behave like this? Let us get ready for their reactions if they happen to take their tertiary education semester examinations in the future. It is a sad WASSCE year for Ghana in the midst of COVID-19.
Source: Wisdom Hammond | Leadership Expert & Freelancer 
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