Cancel the debt so doctors and nurses can keep saving lives- Over 100 doctors to the world

Cancel the debt so doctors and nurses can keep saving lives- Over 100 doctors to the world

Cancel the debt so doctors and nurses can keep saving lives- Over 100 doctors to the world


Healthcare workers around the world are risking their lives to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Stand with them to demand that governments do all they can to ensure hospitals are properly resourced.

An open letter from health professionals calling for debt cancellation for the world’s poorest countries.

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Dear World Leaders,

We are all health workers, nurses, doctors. Every day we are on the frontline fighting this virus. Every day we are on the wards, in the emergency rooms. Every day we see first-hand the suffering this sickness is causing.

Many of us lack the vital protective equipment that stops us getting infected, and stops others getting infected too. This is dangerous, exhausting work.

Even the best public healthcare systems in the world are struggling to face this virus. Yet we know it is the countries with healthcare that is universal, and publicly provided, that will be best placed to get through this. Yet in most countries, health services are desperately weak and deeply unequal. You can only get treatment if you have money.


This is a global public health emergency bigger than anything humanity has ever seen. Governments all over the world must make a huge investment in scaling up public healthcare now for all their people. Healthcare is a right and should be free.

Rich nations should help pay for this by immediately cancelling the debt payments of developing countries. This will release billions of dollars that can pay for vital healthcare. Many governments are currently spending far more on repaying debts than they do on health. To prevent millions of deaths this injustice has to end now.

We call on the leaders of the world to act now. Act now to make healthcare available and free to all who need it. Act now to cancel the debts of developing countries before it is too late.


Show your support by signing  CANCEL THE DEBT. SAVE LIVES.


Dr Nisreen Alwan, Epidemiologist and Associate Professor in Public Health, United Kingdom

Dr Stefano Vella, Director of the National Centre for Global Health, Italy

Dr Christophe Prudhomme, Emergency Physician and spokesperson for the Association of Emergency Physicians of France

Prof Trisha Greenhalgh,Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences, United Kingdom

Dr Francis Mupeta, Head of the Infectious Diseases Unit, Zambia


Dr Amir Khan, NHS Doctor, author and broadcaster, United Kingdom

Dr Ranj Singh, Consultant Paediatric Emergency Physician, United Kingdom

Prof John Wright, Doctor & Epidemiologist, United Kingdom

Dr Guddi Singh,Paediatric Registrar and broadcaster, United Kingdom

Prof Daniel Vitali, Director of the Dr Juan Fernandez Hospital, Argentina.


Dr Rachel Clarke, Palliative Care Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Haifaa Awad, Physician and medical activist, Denmark

Dr Martin Scurr, GP and columnist, United Kingdom

Dr Supat Hasuwanakit, Director of Chana district hospital and Chair of the Rural Doctor Society, Thailand.

Caroline Fiat MP, Nurse, France.


Dr Roger Henderson, Senior GP, broadcaster and author, United Kingdom

Dr David Noble, Honorary Professor of Community Palliative Care, United Kingdom

Dr Réginald Moreels, Humanitarian surgeon, Belgium

Dr David Nicholl, Neurologist and columnist, United Kingdom

Dr Philippa Whitford MP, Surgeon, United Kingdom


Dr Hany El Banna, Doctor and founder of Islamic Relief, United Kingdom

David Atherton, Nurse and international health adviser, United Kingdom

Francoise Geng, Vice President of European Public Services Union, France

Dr Viktoriia Koval, President of Health Workers’ Union of Ukraine



Dr Abdul Mohammed, Consultant Psychiatrist, United Kingdom

Dr Abdullah Ali, Pakistan

Dr Abdullah Ali, Pakistan

Dr Abigail Fry, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Abigail Wytchard, Consultant geriatric medicine and general internal medicine, United Kingdom


Dr Abilash Sathyanarayanan, Registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Adanna Obi, Ophthalmic Surgeon, United Kingdom

Dr Adib Nimri, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Adil, Pakistan

Dr Adisak Chumkwan, Doctor, Thailand


Dr Adnan M, Pakistan

Dr Adrian Walker, Consultant Physician, United Kingdom

Dr Ahmad Ali, Pakistan

Dr Ahmed Bukhari, Pakistan

Dr Ahmed Daoud, SAS doctor, United Kingdom


Dr Ahmed Yonis, Registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Aideen Landers, Staff Grade Doctor Ophthalmology, United Kingdom

Dr Ailbhe Burke, Consultant Neurologist, United Kingdom

Dr Alan Beattie, Doctor (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Alexa Mannings, Doctor, United Kingdom


Dr Alexandra Tonks, Junior Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Ali Bukhari Bukhari, Pakistan

Dr Ali Imtiaz, Pakistan

Dr Ali Kazmi, Pakistan

Dr Ali Mteirek, Consultant, United Kingdom


Dr Ali, Pakistan

Dr Alina Bukhari, Pakistan

Prof Alison Fiander, Emeritus Chair Obstetrics and Gynaecology, United Kingdom

Dr Alison Gale, GP Practitioner, United Kingdom

Dr Alison Harrop, Doctor (retired), United Kingdom


Dr Alison Sheldon, Consultant Paediatrician specialist in Cardiology, United Kingdom

Dr Alka Patel, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Amaefuna Anieto, Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Amanda Neville, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Amina Sindhu S, Pakistan


Dr Amit Mukherjee, Consultant, United Kingdom

Dr Amna Mirza, Pakistan

Dr Anastasia Chew, Haematology Consultant, United Kingdom

Dr Andre Sandwidi, Pharmacist, Mali

Dr Andrew Lindsay, GP (retired), United Kingdom


Dr Andrew Thorns, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Andrew Thorns, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Anjum Mehar, Pakistan

Dr Anke Kleinemeier, Doctor, Germany

Dr Anna Davies, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Anne Bird, Doctor (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Anne Mullin, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Annie Forester, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Anum Javed, Doctor, Pakistan

Dr Areeha Zulfi Zulfi, Pakistan


Dr Areeha Zulfiqar, Pakistan

Dr Areeha, PIMS, Pakistan

Dr Arrham Hai, Pakistan

Dr Arslan Ali, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Arthur Nondo, Doctor, Zambia


Dr Arun Baksi, former Emeritus consultant physician, United Kingdom

Dr Asma Awadh, Kenya

Dr Atif, FSD, Pakistan

Dr Atif, Pakistan

Dr Attique Arab, Australia


Dr Ayeni Babatunde, Medical Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Ayesha Mustafa, Pakistan

Dr Ayesha Mustafa, PIMS, Pakistan

Dr Azam Aslam, Pakistan

Dr Bako Istifanus Bintum, Doctor, Nigeria


Dr Bareera, Pakistan

Dr Bareera, PIMS, Pakistan

Dr Bart Lakeman, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Bernadette Tawse, GP (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Betsy Doherty, Physician, United States


Dr Birgit Woolley, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Caitlin Jackley, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Carly Chu, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Catharine Wilson, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Catherine Aldridge, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Charles Kabwebwe, Doctor, Zambia

Dr Charles McEvoy, GP Principal, United Kingdom

Dr Charles Yates, Consultant, United Kingdom

Dr Charlotte Ferriday, GP Locum, United Kingdom

Dr Chibuzor Chibuoke, Doctor, Nigeria


Dr Christian Haasen , Doctor , Germany

Dr Christiane Wildgrube, Consultant, United Kingdom

Dr Cristina Loader, Specialist Registrar Infectious Diseases / General medicine, United Kingdom

Dr Clara Hernando, Spain

Dr Cornelius Gofung, Medical Doctor, Nigeria


Dr Corrina Powell, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Danish Ali, Pakistan

Dr David Timothy, Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Diana Goodwine, Emergency Medicine Physician, United States

Dr Đoàn Ngọc Hùng, Vietnam


Dr Donal Farrell, Doctor, Emergency Medicine, United Kingdom

Dr Eduardo Villatoro, Surgeon, United Kingdom

Dr Efioanwan Andah, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Egide Shirimpaka, Doctor, Zambia

Dr Ehsan Ali, Pakistan


Dr Eleanor Plews, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Eliot Mason, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Elizabeth Foster, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Elizabeth Jones, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Elizabeth Toberty, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Ellen Welch, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Elvis Mubita, Doctor, Zambia

Dr Emily Aries, GPST2 doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Emily Burns, Junior Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Emma Blake, Paediatrician, United Kingdom


Dr Emma Khan, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Emma Pavlou, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Eric Hachoofwe, Doctor, Zambia

Dr Evangelie Dunn, Public Health Registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Faisal Ali, Pakistan


Dr Fathima Shyma Fazal, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Fay Tuffen, Infection Control Lead, nursing home, United Kingdom

Dr Febby Andri, Indonesia

Dr Felicity Iredale, GP (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Fevronia Kiparissi, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, United Kingdom


Dr Fortune Nyamande, Zimbabwe

Dr Finola Ryan, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr François Lhote, France

Dr Frank Dyke, Medical Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Freeburn Simunchembu, Doctor, Zambia


Dr Gemma Ryder, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, United Kingdom

Dr Ghinsel Basil, Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Gill Read, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Gillian Parkin, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Giovanna Sheiybani, Gastroenterology Registrar, United Kingdom


Dr Gisela Volck, Family doctor, Germany

Dr Gobika Selvadurai, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Gokul Muthoo, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Gurkirat Panesar, Anaesthetic registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Guy Johnson, GP (retired), United Kingdom


Dr Ha Eun Ji, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Hannah Charlotte Copley, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Hannah Russell, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Hassan Saleem, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Heather Sherwood, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Helen Colver, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Helen Smith, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Helen Stedeford, GP/Family doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Helena Bond, Kenya

Dr Hope Katongo, Doctor, Zambia


Dr Ian Butler, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Ibulungu Josue, Covid-19 response Manager, Chad

Dr Ibulungu Josue, Doctor and Covid-19 Response Manager, Chad

Dr Ige Tillo, DVM, Nigeria

Dr Imtiaz Imtiaz, Pakistan


Dr Irene Asamoah, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Isaac Gill, Registrar Anaesthetist, United Kingdom

Dr J Baptiste N’senga, Doctor, Zambia

Dr Jaa Ming, Medical Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Jacqueline Conway, Doctor, United Kingdom


Dr James McAulay, GP (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Jan Sambrook, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Jasmine Fulcher, FY2 Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Jason Lie, Consultant Anaesthetist, United Kingdom

Dr Javed, Pakistan


Dr Javier Gómez Pavón, Spain

Dr Jenni Dixon, Paediatrician (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Jo Cheung, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Jo Murphy, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Jo Ring, Consultant surgeon, United Kingdom


Dr Joan Perry, Physician, United Kingdom

Dr Joanne Bell, Doctor in Anaesthesia/intensive care, United Kingdom

Dr João Martins, GP Trainee, United Kingdom

Dr John Hopkins, GP (retired), United Kingdom

Dr John Puntis, Paediatrician, United Kingdom


Dr John Schulga, Consultant paediatrician, United Kingdom

Dr John Williams, NHS Clinical Psychologist (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Julie White, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Kamran Ali, Pakistan

Dr Kangwa Musonda, Doctor, Zambia


Dr Kasamika Mbao, Doctor, Zambia

Dr Kathy Fallon, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Katie Williams, GP ST3, United Kingdom

Dr Katrina Nguyen, Pediatric Gastroenterology, United States

Dr Kausar Jafri, Doctor, United Kingdom


Dr Kay Kelly, Consultant Oncologist (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Kazmi, Pakistan

Dr Krizun Loganathan, Emergency Medicine Registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Larisa Corda, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Laura Hipple , Associate Specialist O and G , United Kingdom


Dr Lauren Bennett, Junior Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Lee Edson P. Yarcia, Philippines

Dr Liam Horgan, Surgeon, United Kingdom

Dr Lidia Trup, Paediatrician, United Kingdom

Dr Linda McLaughlin, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, United Kingdom


Dr Lis Davidson, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Lisa Roberts, GP, United Kingdom

Dr L-J Evans, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Louisa Perry, GP ST2, United Kingdom

Dr Luke Johnson, Public Health Registrar, United Kingdom


Dr Luke Kane, GP, United Kingdom

Dr M Todd, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Makplang Milaham, Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Malik, Pakistan

Dr Manisha Cooper, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Margaret Cocks, Doctor (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Margaret Williams, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Maria Zahid, Pakistan

Dr Marian, McGowan, Consultant Paediatrician, United Kingdom

Dr Marianne Broderick, Doctor, United Kingdom


Dr Martha Dimech, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Mary Harrington, Consultant Geriatrician, United Kingdom

Dr Max Julve, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Megan Kell, Haematology registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Melissa Rasouli, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Michael Ghalamcis, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Michael Strachan, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Michele Musoga, Kenya

Dr Mike Tomson, GP (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Misheck Shawa, Medical Doctor, Zambia


Dr Mmualebe Ngwako, Stroke Specialist Registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Mohamed Semeicem, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Mohammed Elshamy, Specialty doctor in critical Care, United Kingdom

Dr Morag Ranson, Doctor (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Mounir Elkoti, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Morocco


Dr Mudassar Ali, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Ahsen, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Muhammad Atif Bukhari, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Bin Tahir Tahir, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Mohsin Fida, Pakistan


Dr Muhammad Qasim, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Qasim, YDA, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Shah, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad, Pakistan

Dr Mwanaidi, Kenya


Dr Nadeem Bhatti, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Nandi Ishaya-Tokkit, Medical Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Naomi Adelson, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Naomi Beer, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Niccole Bart, Emergency Medicine Physician, United States


Dr Nicola MacArthur, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Nina Cakiroglu, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Nina Vora, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Nithin Bodapati, Specialty registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Niveditha Mohan, MD, United States


Dr Nguyen Thi Hang, Vietnam

Dr Norma Matara, Zimbabwe

Dr Nyuma Mbewe, Medical doctor, Zambia

Dr Olga Maragarita Agramonte Llanes, Doctor, Cuba

Dr Oliver Austin, Doctor, United Kingdom


Dr Onyebuchi Eluemelem, Medical Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Orsolya Vittay, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Pam Wortley, GP (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Partha Sengupta, Consultant Gynaecologist, United Kingdom

Dr Paul Leeder, Consultant Surgeon, United Kingdom


Dr Paul Stilalman, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Paul Tanto, United Kingdom

Dr Paula Falconer, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Pauly Archibong, Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Philip Benson, Honorary Consultant in Orthodontics, United Kingdom


Dr Polly Nyiri, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Priti Kushwah, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Qasim Muhammad, Pakistan

Dr Rabia Hassan, Pakistan

Dr Rabia Rabia, Pakistan


Dr Rajat Jain, India

Dr Ramesh Manohar, GP registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Rebecca Stephenson, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Rehman Abdul, Pakistan

Dr Rhona Raeburn, GP (retired), United Kingdom


Dr Rinesh Parmar, Doctor (Chair, Doctors’ Association UK), United Kingdom

Dr Rita Issa, NHS GP registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Robert Baker, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Robert Dawe, Consultant Dermatologist, United Kingdom

Dr Robert Hirst, ST3 Emergency Medicine Doctor, United Kingdom


Dr Robert Hodnett, Consultant Radiologist, United Kingdom

Dr Robert Scott-Jupp, Paediatrician, United Kingdom

Dr Robina Gulzar, Pakistan

Dr Robina M, Pakistan

Dr Robina R, Pakistan


Dr Roisin McCormack, Junior Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Rosamund Ring, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Rúbia Dara Belizário, Brazil

Dr Rushda Chema, Doctor, Thailand

Dr S Jaleel, Specialty doctor, United Kingdom


Dr Sadiq Nadeem, Pakistan

Dr Sajid, Pakistan

Dr Salman Ali, Pakistan

Dr Salman, YDA, Pakistan

Dr Samantha Shemar, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Sameh Aboubeih, Specialty Doctor in Histopathology, United Kingdom

Dr Santanu Acharya, Consultant Gynaecologist, United Kingdom

Dr Sara A. Johnson, United States

Dr Sarah Cardew, Doctor (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Sarah Patrick FY2, Doctor, United Kingdom


Dr Sarfraz Bukhari Shah, Pakistan

Dr Sarfraz Lahori, Pakistan

Dr Sarfraz, Pakistan

Dr Sarunnuch Panyavorakhunchai, Doctor, Thailand

Dr Satish Kumar Gopa Narasimhula, Consultant Anaesthetist, United Kingdom


Dr Seán Cassidy, Specialty Registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Serena Ceraldi, Consultant surgeon, United Kingdom

Dr Sergii Kubanskyi, Doctor, Frontline health worker / President of Kyiv City Health, Ukraine

Dr Shabana Kousar, Pakistan

Dr Shabana S, Pakistan


Dr Shabana Zul, Pakistan

Dr Shabnah Ratnarajah, Consultant, United Kingdom

Dr Shafqat, Pakistan

Dr Shahnaz Ali, Pakistan

Dr Shaila Mehar, Pakistan


Dr Shakeel Malik, Pakistan

Dr Sharmini Kulanthaivelu, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Shashank Desai, MD, Australia

Dr Shayne Ng, Anaesthetist, United Kingdom

Dr Shazia M, Pakistan


Dr Shehu Yusuf, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Shelagh Scott, GP (retired), United Kingdom

Dr Sherif Elsherif, Speciality doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Shermin Rahman, Doctor, Bangladesh

Dr Shiny Shankar, Consultant Anaesthetist, United Kingdom


Dr Shoaib Tarar, ISL, Pakistan

Dr Shoaib Tarar, YDA, Pakistan

Dr Shubhendu Chakraborty, Trust Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Simon Ralfe, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Sino Hakimov, Neurosurgeon, Tajikistan


Dr Sirichai Namtatsanee, Family Physician, Thailand

Dr Sobia, Pakistan

Dr Sobia, PIMS, Pakistan

Dr Sophie Rowlands, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Stamatios Tzanninis, Endocrinology and Diabetes Registrar, United Kingdom


Prof Stephen Goodwin, Professor of Neurogenetics, United Kingdom

Dr Steven Ross, Specialty Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Stuart Jenkins, Consultant Anaesthetist, United Kingdom

Dr Subhan Ali, Pakistan

Dr Sufian Khan, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Sule Adebo, Medical Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Suleman, Pakistan

Dr Sunil Panwar, Kenya

Dr Tahir Pran, Pakistan

Dr Tahir, Pakistan


Dr Tahira Ali, Pakistan

Dr Talisa Khan, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Tayyaba Ali, Pakistan

Dr Tayyaba Mirza, Pakistan

Dr Thawatchai Makmon, Community Hospital Director, Thailand


Dr Thazin Min, Specialty doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Thitipong Emprom, Doctor, Thailand

Dr Tom Downs, Junior Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Trinh Thi Huong, Vietnam

Dr Trevor Hyde, GP (retired), United Kingdom


Dr Tusiime Ramadhan, Public Health staff, Uganda

Dr Uzoma Azuike, Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Veronica G. Lewis, United States

Dr Victoria Gunn, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Victoria Meakin, GP, United Kingdom


Dr Victoria Walton, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Vishal Sinha, Doctor, Zambia

Dr Vladimir Pavićević, ENT Surgeon, Montenegro

Dr Walid Mohammmed Mujib Choudhary, Speciality Registrar, United Kingdom

Dr Waqar Ahmed Tanoli, Pakistan


Dr Whyson Munga, Doctor, Zambia

Dr Wirayut Sontimuang, GP, Thailand

Dr Yakubu Agada-Amade, Medical Doctor, Nigeria

Dr Yantoko Azis Priyadi, Indonesia

Dr Yesika Nadya, Indonesia


Dr Yinting Ta, Doctor, United Kingdom

Dr Zafar Ali, Pakistan

Dr Zoe Williams, GP, United Kingdom

Dr Zohaib Ali, Pakistan



Aaron Alo, Biostatistician, Ghana

Abdilman Huda, Indonesia

Abdul Malik, Indonesia

Abdul Qadir, Pakistan

Abdul Razzaque Bhutyo, Pakistan


Abdulai Mohammed, IBN Disease Control / Surveillance Officer, Ghana

Abel Lungu, Nurse, Zambia

Abigail Humphreys, Nurse, Australia

Aboubacar Illa Mahamadou, Niger

Abraham Adum, Physiotherapy Assistant, Ghana


Adam Lewis, Healthcare support worker, United Kingdom

Adegboyega Ayorinde, Paediatrician trainee, United Kingdom

Adejoke Aderemi, Nurse, Nigeria

Adhita Oka Purnomo Sari, Indonesia

Adi Nps, Indonesia


Adi Sasongko, Indonesia

Aditya Herwandar, Indonesia

Adrian Sargood, Medical Physicist (retired), United Kingdom

Adriana Palomares, Bolivia

Afifan Haryawan, Indonesia


Afreen Huq, Clinical Psychologist (retired), United Kingdom

Afshan Asghar, Pakistan

Agnes Okoro, Nurse, Nigeria

Agnieszka Hallin, Obs and Gyne Research fellow st6 trainee, United Kingdom

Agus Salim, Indonesia


Agustina Mayasari, Indonesia

Ahanonu Odinakachi, Nigeria

Ahmad Ahmedsalem, Western Sahara

Aileen Phelps, Carer Support Worker, United Kingdom

Aisha Abdullahi, Nigeria


Aisling Ahluwalia, FY1, United Kingdom

Alain Manuel Chaple-Gil, Cuba

Alan Gately, Healthcare Scientist, United Kingdom

Albert Langgeng, Indonesia

Aleeyu Sani, Nigeria


Alex Weaver, CT 2 psychiatry, United Kingdom

Alexandra Margarette Acosta, Philippines

Alghassoum Wane, Morocco

Ali Ammar Hasan, Pakistan

Ali Khal, Yemen


Ali Zeesham, Paramedic, Pakistan

Alison Allen, Carer, United Kingdom

Alison Snape, Palliative CNS, United Kingdom

Alison Storer, Support/care, United Kingdom

Alison Yates, CBT Therapist, United Kingdom


Almajiri Leonard Wilson, Nigeria

Alona Blahoveshchenska, President of Kharkiv Regional Organisation of Health Workers’ Union of Ukraine, Ukraine

Amalia Bueno Zamora, Spain

Amaly Daher, Brazil

Amanda Makin, Health Visitor, United Kingdom


Amanda Roderjan, Brazil

Amitha Krishnamurthi, New Zealand

Amna A, Nurse, Pakistan

Amornrat Saijanyon, Esthetic medicine, Thailand

Amr Elshaer, GPST, United Kingdom


Amy Oliver, NHS Community Volunteer Plus Responder, United Kingdom

Ana Barrio, Spain

Anchaleeporn Wuttipek, Health worker, Thailand

Andrew Longhurst, Support worker, United Kingdom

Anes Abdela Lew, Ethiopia


Angela Abidin, Indonesia

Angela Dutton, Nurse Practitioner, United Kingdom

Angela Kinn, Recovery Worker – Mental Health Services, United Kingdom

Ángeles Romero Díaz, Spain

Anish Patel, United States


Anita Febriyanti, Indonesia

Anita Ringsell, Medical Secretary, United Kingdom

Ann Coates, Support Worker, United Kingdom

Ann Petty, RGN (retired), United Kingdom

Anna Treichler, Philippines


Annabel Burkimsher, Community Manager, United Kingdom

Annabel Wells, Senior Mental Health Practitioner (nurse), United Kingdom

Anne Maclachlan, Health Care Assistant, United Kingdom

Annette Riesberg, Germany

Anthea Lee, Carer, United Kingdom


Anto Prabhu, India

Antonio Vasquez, Philippines

Anyidoho Eric, Health assistant, Ghana

Aprilina Awing, Indonesia

Ardhy Parama, Indonesia


Ari Budiono, Indonesia

Arif MZ, Indonesia

Armand Sosthene ODOU, Senegal

Asad, Paramedic, Pakistan

Asdi Wihandono, Indonesia


Aslam Jaan, Pakistan

Aurora Evelyn, Indonesia

Ayesha Batool, Pakistan

Ayesha Hanif, Pakistan

Ayesha Shafqat, Pakistan


Aylin Munoz, Guatemala

Aymen Doumi, Internal Medicine Trainee, United Kingdom

Azda Fajri, Indonesia

Azhar, Paramedic Lab Tech, Pakistan

Baba Aye, Health and Social Services Policy Officer, Nigeria


Bambang Budiono, Indonesia

Bartholomew Murey, Resident Anaesthesiologist, Nigeria

Beatriz Gómez-Meana Crespo, Spain

Belinda Julivia Murtani, Indonesia

Benson Ijomoh, Nigeria


Bernardo Alayza Mujica, United States

Bernice Barber, Support Worker, United Kingdom

Beth Boyd, United Kingdom

Bethan Ely, Nurse, United Kingdom

Bethan Galliers, Health Development Coordinator, United Kingdom


Betty Jean, France

Bilal Abbasi, Pakistan

Bondan Agus Suryanto, Indonesia

Bonefasius Ola, Indonesia

Brenda Semwayo, Ambulance technician, Zimbabwe


Brian Smith, Care assistant, United Kingdom

Bridget Glynn, Intensive Care Sister, United Kingdom

Bruce Carribine, Staff Nurse (Learning Disabilities), United Kingdom

Bryn Johnson, Medical Student, United Kingdom

C J Martin, Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom


Caesarani Kristel, Indonesia

Cairn Mahoney, Nurse, United Kingdom

Callum Rowan, Carer, United Kingdom

Camilla Guerin, Theatre nurse, United Kingdom

Carol Muir, Community Psychiatric Nurse, United Kingdom


Carol Walker, Support worker, United Kingdom

Carole Jarman, Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom

Carole, Grose, Registered Nurse, United Kingdom

Caroline Horn, Mental Health Carer, United Kingdom

Caroline Mountain, Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom


Carolyn Rice, Staff nurse, United Kingdom

Cass Varah, United Kingdom

Catherine Barr, Physiotherapy, United Kingdom

Catherine Bruce, Resuscitation trainer, United Kingdom

Catherine Marshall, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom


Catherine Savoie, Nurse, Canada

Catriona McAleer, FY2 in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, United Kingdom

Cecilia Vinchenzo, Student Doctor, United Kingdom

Celia Sutcliffe, Nurse, United Kingdom

Chantana Chawarit, Nurse, Thailand


Charlotte Dicks, Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom

Cheryl Kainey, OH Advisor, United Kingdom

Cheryl Martin, Lead Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom

Chika Vivian, Nurse, Nigeria

Chimozi Tembo, Ophthalmology Resident, Zambia


Chinyere Alaukwu, Nurse, Nigeria

Chioma Njoku, Midwife, United Kingdom

Chioma Uzoma-Esomonu, Medical laboratory scientist, Nigeria

Chris Dale, Community mental health nurse, United Kingdom

Christine Hierons, HCA, United Kingdom


Christine Legch, Emergency ambulance crew, United Kingdom

Christine Martin, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Christopher Akpeokhai, Canada

Christopher Soesanto, Indonesia

Cissy Atwine, SHO, United Kingdom


Claire Campbell, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Claire Dow, United Kingdom

Claire Turner, Nurse, United Kingdom

Clara Abraham, Mental health nurse, Ghana

Clara Ceballos de Torres, Spain


Clare Meachin, Director of Nursing, United Kingdom

Claudia Nest, Germany

Clement Ali, Dentist, Nigeria

Cleto Manjova, Zimbabwe

Cris Bortoluzzo, Associate Specialist in Cardiology, United Kingdom


Cristina Maria Lorenzo-del Castillo, Philippines

Crystal Hinds, Registered Nurse, Barbados

Cyndy Muliro, Kenya

Dadang Trisasongko, Indonesia

Daniel Cottin, Aide Soignant, France


Daniel Moore, Infection Prevention and Control Nurse, United Kingdom

Daniel Okoliko, Nigeria

Daniel Oreskovich, United States

Daniel Quemby, Consultant anaesthetist, United Kingdom

Daryl Burnaby, Pharma, United Kingdom


David Macdonald, Dementia link worker, United Kingdom

David Mudie, Mental Health Support Worker, United Kingdom

Davide Olivari, Italy

Davina Lambie, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Dawn Beckley, Psychiatric Nurse (retired), United Kingdom


Debbie Howes, Carer, United Kingdom

Debora Indryani, Indonesia

Deborah Bailey, Registered Nurse (retired), United Kingdom

Deborah Maw, Carer, United Kingdom

Deddy Hermawan Susanto, Indonesia


Dewi Haryanti Kurniasih, Indonesia

Dewi Rizka, Indonesia

Diana Murtiati Kusuma, Indonesia

Diane Spencer, Support Worker/Carer, United Kingdom

Dien Restianti, Indonesia


Don Russell, United Kingdom

Donald Gilmour, Support Worker, United Kingdom

Donna Savitry, Indonesia

Dorothy Flatman, Paediatric nurse, United Kingdom

Dorothy Maigari, Nurse, Nigeria


Dwiwhju Dian Indahwati, Indonesia

Ebun Adebayo, Nurse, Nigeria

Ecaterina Caballero, Nurse, United Kingdom

Edouard Akpinfa, Benin

Eds Vizconde, Philippines


Edward, Technical Officer Disease Control, Ghana

Eko Pangarsa, Indonesia

Elaine Brace, Dental therapist, United Kingdom

Eleanor Whight, Junior medical officer, Australia

Elia Boma, Tanzania


Elisa Peiro, Spain

Elisabeth Burleigh, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Reeves, Carer, United Kingdom

Els Brouillet, Belgium

Emily Thompson, Staff nurse, United Kingdom


Emma Archer, Pharmacy Assistant, United Kingdom

Emma Mills, Nurse, United Kingdom

Emmanuel Dankwah, Biostatistics, Ghana

Endang Poerwati, Indonesia

Enita Muzuni, Registered Nurse, Zambia


Eno Inwang, Nurse, Nigeria

Eric Senyo K Arku, Health Information / IT Manager, Ghana

Erikson Siregar, Indonesia

Erythrina Sari, Indonesia

Essam Abdel Rahman Abdo Saleh, Pharmacist, Yemen


Fadhilah Ramdhani, Indonesia

Fahim Issa, Community health worker, Kenya

Farah Bibi, Pakistan

Faran Akbar, Trainee Doctor, United Kingdom

Fatima Bashir, Pakistan


Fatima Tembo, Nurse, Zambia

Fela Kumambala, Nurse, Malawi

Femi Saleh, Biomedical scientist, United Kingdom

Fina Alfiani, Indonesia

Fiona Anderson, Recovery nurse, United Kingdom


Fiona Cummins, Junior Sister, United Kingdom

Fiona Cutts, Clinical support worker (retired nurse), United Kingdom

Fiona Law, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Fiona Rees, Medical librarian, United Kingdom

Fitri Rinda, Indonesia


Fitria Her Indah, Indonesia

Fiza Hussain, Pakistan

Fleur Boyes, Registered nurse, Australia

Franca Dabang, Nigeria

Frances Phillips, United Kingdom


Frances Randall, Staff nurse, United Kingdom

Francesca Hanks, Midwife, United Kingdom

Francesca Tennant, Associate Specialist in Developmental Paediatrics, United Kingdom

Frank Adjei Badu, Physician Assistant, Ghana

Frank Bietra Buchari, Indonesia


Fraser Hughes, Support worker, nurse student, United Kingdom

Frida Afinana, Indonesia

Gaby del Rosario Mita Ayoroa, Medica, Bolivia

Gale Knight, Health support worker, United Kingdom

Geesie Stoel, Netherlands


Geoffrey Leyland, Care Home Assistant Manager, United Kingdom

George Danquah Damptey, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Ghana

Georgina Sullivan, Health Care Support Worker, United Kingdom

Gerard Semassa, Benin

Ghazia Ammar, Pakistan


Ghulam Haider, Pakistan

Gill Haigh, RMN, United Kingdom

Gill McCall, Radiographer (retired), United Kingdom

Glenn Mbah Afungchwi, Paediatric Oncology Nurse, Cameroon

Grace Gallagher, Nurse (retired), United Kingdom


Graham Cawthorne, Care worker, United Kingdom

Grainne Stowell, Nurse Practitioner, United Kingdom

Graminda Dalilah Ayuni, Indonesia

Grifino Dahlihardy, Indonesia

Guy Ashworth, Assistant Practitioner, United Kingdom


Gwendy Aniko, Indonesia

Habib Mohamed, SHO, United Kingdom

Hafiz Zeshan Shah, Paramedic, Pakistan

Hafsat Ibrahim, Nigeria

Haleema Khizar, Nurse, Pakistan


Halik Sidik, Indonesia

Hana Devi Hapsari, Indonesia

Hannah McCall, Nurse, United Kingdom

Hannah Rees, United Kingdom

Hannah Sinclair, Medical student, United Kingdom


Hans Herewila, Indonesia

Hari Sukantoadi, Indonesia

Harini Janiar Ardjakusumah, Indonesia

Hasan Rahim, Indonesia

Hastika Saraswati, Indonesia


Hazel Hannan, Nurse (retired), United Kingdom

Heather Allen, Nursing Assistant, United Kingdom

Helen Gunn, Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom

Helen Langford, United Kingdom

Helen Paling, Care assistant, United Kingdom


Helen Thomas, Senior nurse practitioner, United Kingdom

Helen Trippier, Nurse (retired), United Kingdom

Henny Cloridina, Indonesia

Heru Risal, Indonesia

Heru Susanto, Indonesia


Hiba Abdulkareem Mustafa, Nurse, Iraq

Hilary Jones, Child psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Hilary Klonin, Consultant pic, United Kingdom

Hilary Obiazikwor, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Nigeria

Hina Shahid, Family Medicine, United Kingdom


Holly Edmundson, Midwife, United Kingdom

Honor Blake, RGN (retired), United Kingdom

I Made Ngurah Adi, Indonesia

Iain Curwood, Community carer, United Kingdom

Ian Smith, United Kingdom


Ibodat Kurbonova, Tajikistan

Ibrahim Adamu Salia, Ghana

Ibrahim Audu, Nigeria

Ibrahim Dharmawan, Indonesia

Ibrahim Kotso, Nigeria


Iheoha Maryann, Nurse, Nigeria

Ikawa Simukoko, Medical student, Zambia

Imam Susanto, Indonesia

Indah Permatasari, Indonesia

Inez Nimpuno, Australia


Ingrid Coroxon, Guatemala

Intan Hakim, Indonesia

Intan Rizqi Rahmawati, Indonesia

Ioana Balanuca, Romania

Irene Khumalo, Nurse manager, Swaziland


Irene Masengi, Indonesia

Irinawati Makagiansar, Indonesia

Irra Widarda, Indonesia

Irum Tufail, GP trainee, United Kingdom

Iryna Shvets, Vice-President of Health Workers’ Union of Ukraine, Ukraine


Issarapong Nasomroop, Hospital Pharmacist, Thailand

Ivan Kokalov, President of FTU HS, Bulgaria

Ivy Nagera, Philippines

Jacqueline Ransom, Dietitian, United Kingdom

Jade Travers, Nurse (retired), United Kingdom


James Downs, Recovery Worker, United Kingdom

James Hackman, Emergency medical technician, Ghana

Jamshed Kamboh, Pakistan

Jane Freeman, Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom

Jane Hoare, NHS Community health care support worker, United Kingdom


Jane Miles, Urology nurse specialist, United Kingdom

Janet Davies, Registered Nurse, United Kingdom

Janet Gibson, NHS Responder, United Kingdom

Jasmine Kirk, Canada

Jayne Pigford, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom


Jayne Straw, Nurse, United Kingdom

Jean Kontos, Nurse, United Kingdom

Jennica Yañez, Philippines

Jennifer Akomeah, Health Information Officer, Ghana

Jennifer Tooke-Marchant, Student Midwife, United Kingdom


Jenny Blake, Dental Receptionist, United Kingdom

Jenny Mika, Psychologist, Germany

Jerry Mensah-Pah, Ghana

Jerryn Florensi, Indonesia

Jessica Burt, Medical Student, United Kingdom


Jessica Castellanos, Guatemala

Jillian Brelsford, RN, United States

Jo Ham, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Joanna Morton, Medical student, United Kingdom

Joanna Thomas, Health visitor, United Kingdom


Joanne Clarke, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Jocelyn Serrano, Philippines

John Aley, Mental Health Nurse, United Kingdom

John Ashington, Support worker, United Kingdom

John Donoghue, Pharmacist, United Kingdom


John John, Afghanistan

John McCormack, Mental Health Support Worker, United Kingdom

John Musa, Medical officer, Nigeria

John Pike, United Kingdom

Joke Dejager, Belgium


Jomell Banasihan, Philippines

Jonathan Clark Zantua, Philippines

Jonathan Green, Paramedic, United Kingdom

Jonne Van Koot, Switzerland

Jordan Oei, United States


Jorge Aquilar Torres, Spain

Jorge Noel Barreto, Cape Verde

Joseph Musonda, COVID-19 Case Manager, Zambia

Joseph Ndukwu, Radiographer, United Kingdom

Joseph Umoren, Nigeria


Judith Hible, Pharmacist, United Kingdom

Judith Trappitt, Nurse (retired), United Kingdom

Julian Dunn, Mental Health Worker (retired), United Kingdom

Julie Beck, United Kingdom

Julie Dale Macmillan, Gynaecological Clinical Nurse Specialist, United Kingdom


Julie Dent, Support worker, United Kingdom

Julie Ollerenshaw, Community mental health nurse, United Kingdom

Julie Parrott, Radiographer, United Kingdom

Karen Brown, Staff nurse, United Kingdom

Karen Davies, Nurse Lecturer, United Kingdom


Karen Egan, Nurse, United Kingdom

Karen Harrison, Mental Health Nurse, United Kingdom

Karen Keenan, United States

Karenn Barahona, Honduras

Karisma Sharma, Medical Student, United Kingdom


Kashini Andrew, Clinical fellow, United Kingdom

Kate Harvie, General Medical Practitioner, United Kingdom

Kath Evans, Nurse, United Kingdom

Kath Lynch, Covid-19 response nurse, United Kingdom

Katherina Molek, Germany


Katherine Nickoll, Counsellor, United Kingdom

Katie Lee, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Katrina Layne Supetran, Philippines

Katy Mountain, Midwife, United Kingdom

Kay Sam, OT, United Kingdom


Keith Seddon, Health care support worker, United Kingdom

Kerry Andrews, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Kevin Nicholas, CBT Therapist, United Kingdom

Khayou Ikhiri, Niger

Kim Martin Tolentino, Philippines


Kiran Zin, Nurse, Pakistan

Kirsty Ojeda, Registered nurse, Australia

Kushmandinie Goonetilleke, St3+ Equivalent Trust Grade Anaesthetist, United Kingdom

Lady Diane Schanzl, United Kingdom

Laksmi Achyati, Indonesia


Lara Jehanli, ST1 Radiology, United Kingdom

Lara Oyesiku, Clinical nurse manager, United Kingdom

Laura Issitt, Staff nurse, United Kingdom

Laurence Beard, Scientist, United Kingdom

Lelitasari Danukusumo, Indonesia


Leonita Putri, Psychiatry Resident, Indonesia

Lesley Absolom, Care worker, United Kingdom

Lesley Grahame, Community nurse, United Kingdom

Lesley Steward, Advanced Practice Diagnostic Radiographer, United Kingdom

Lily Mankubasi, Community mental health officer, Ghana


Linda Bainbridge, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Linda Hall, Lead Nurse (retired but registered), United Kingdom

Lisa Kerr, Day support worker, United Kingdom

Lisa Rampersad, Clinical Fellow in Surgery, United Kingdom

Lisa Ryan, Senior Nurse, United Kingdom


Liseberth Pierre Louis, Enfermera, Bolivia

Liusa Alvarez, Cuba

Livia Veronica, Indonesia

Lizzy Mccann, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Lobredia Zarasade, Indonesia


Lorye Hopper, Ex-nurse, United Kingdom

Louisa Riley, Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom

Louise Arigho, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Louise Toland, Clinical nurse specialist palliative care, Australia

Louise Wilkinson, Practice nurse, United Kingdom


Lucy Douglas, United Kingdom

Lucy Fitzgerald, Midwife, United Kingdom

Lucy Kiambi, Senior Nursing Officer, Kenya

Lucy Lloyd, Support Worker, United Kingdom

M Griffiths, United Kingdom


Ma Marven, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Madalla Dauda, Nigeria

Madian Yahya, United States

Mahdi Mensia, Tunisia

Mahmoud Ahmed, Ophthalmologist, United Kingdom


Mahmud Shuaibu, Nigeria

Maira Iqbal, Pakistan

Mairi Armstrong, Macmillan Nurse Facilitator, United Kingdom

Malam Bourna Bagale Elhadji Mamadou, Niger

Malama Mumba, Medical licentiate, Zambia


Malcolm Greensill, United Kingdom

Manar Eltahan, O&G ST3, United Kingdom

Mandy McMonagle, Senior Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Mao Nguyen Thi, Vietnam

Marcia Soumokil, Indonesia


Margaret Davies, Care assistant, United Kingdom

Margaret MacDonald, RGN, United Kingdom

Margaret Moore, RGN BA Hons (semi-retired), United Kingdom

Margaret Robinson, Chief Pharmacist, United Kingdom

Maria A Debi Martin, Indonesia


Maria Ali, Nurse, Pakistan

Maria Greenwood, Practice nurse, United Kingdom

Maria M, Nurse, Pakistan

Maria Miranda, Midwife, United Kingdom

Maria Ninda Sari, Indonesia


Mariam M, Nurse, Pakistan

Mariam Sidibe, Mali

Marie Codadeen, Support Worker/ Carer, United Kingdom

Mark Greening, United Kingdom

Mark Retallack, Dentist, United Kingdom


Marsita Hendradini, Indonesia

Martin Maina, Public health volunteer, Kenya

Mary Maculate Biso, Philippines

Mary Meeks, Senior Sister, United Kingdom

Mary Simon, Nurse, Nigeria


Mary Simpson, Medical Secretary, United Kingdom

Mary Weisters, ST8 Vascular Surgery, United Kingdom

Maryam Rizvi, Pakistan

Mathurin Bonzi, Benin

Matilda Cooper, ICRC delegate, United Kingdom


Matthew Karley, Liberia

Mavis Clark, Retired, United Kingdom

Max Placide K Ahouansou, Benin

Mazhar Abbas Nawvi, Pakistan

Meg Bell, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom


Mehdi Teeli Sas, United Kingdom

Melissa Buckwell, United Kingdom

Mendy Hatibie, Indonesia

Meryeme Zghari Ommari, Mauritius

Meryl White, Health Visitor (retired), United Kingdom


Mia Aswari, Indonesia

Mian Mazhar Rehman, Paramedic, Pakistan

Mian Rizwan, Pakistan

Michael Maloney, United Kingdom

Michele Madden, Health & Social Care Assessor, United Kingdom


Michelle Barnes, Healthcare Practice Manager, United Kingdom

Michelle Hetherington, Occupational therapy student, United Kingdom

Mike Baines, Support Worker, United Kingdom

Mike Larcey, District Nurse (retired), United Kingdom

Minh Pham Thi, Vietnam


Mini Nzala, Radiographer, Zambia

Mirriam Zulu, Nurse, Zambia

Misfatria Noor, Indonesia

Mohammed Jaffar, India

Moira Mclaughlan, Theatre nurse, United Kingdom


Mola Khan, Paramedic, Pakistan

Moussa Seck, Senegal

Moussa Toumagnon, Mali

Mpho Maswanganyi, Clinical Nurse Specialist/Midwife, South Africa

Mr Adnan, Paramedics Member, Pakistan


Mr Junaid, Paramedics Radiographer, Pakistan

Mr Rajhana, Paramedics Member, Pakistan

Mr Saeed, Paramedic Lab Tech, Pakistan

Mr Zohaib, Paramedic, Pakistan

Mudassar Tahir, Young Paramedics Staff, Pakistan


Mugume Christopher, Uganda

Muhamad Suryandi, Indonesia

Muhammad Bin Sana Ullah, Pakistan

Muhammad Farooq, Pakistan

Muhammad Zafar Jatoi, Pakistan


Mupeta Bobo, Assistant Director Child Health and Nutrition, Zambia

Musdalifah Hanis, Indonesia

Mwiinga Muyunda, Covid19 Case Manager, Zambia

My Linh Nguyen, Vietnam

Nadish Afzal, Pakistan


Najib Bala Ata, Nigeria

Naomi Thornley, Occupational Therapist, United Kingdom

Naomigyle Kammil Ontanillas, Philippines

Nataliya Byrchak, Trade Union of Medical Workers, Ukraine

Navin Mistry, Care Worker, United Kingdom


Nayelle Wambo, Chirurgienne dentist, Mali

Ndioro Ndiaye, Senegal

Neesha Patel, United States

Nguyen Line, Educator (social worker in psycho-médico structure), Belgium

Nguyễn Thanh Mai, Vietnam


Nguyen Thuong, Vietnam

Ni Ketut Yasmini, Indonesia

Nicholas Buxton, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Nicholas Chamberlain-Kent, RMN Team Manager, United Kingdom

Nicholas Jarrett, Psychologist, United Kingdom


Nicholas Mills, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, United Kingdom

Nick Adams, Drug rehab worker, United Kingdom

Nicky Gibbs, United Kingdom

Nicole Archer, Support Worker, United Kingdom

Nicoletta Buffolo, Maternity Support Worker, United Kingdom


Nikke Nugrahawati, Indonesia

Nina Zakiyah, Indonesia

Niru Rana, Health Visitor, United Kingdom

Noelle Obcarskas, United Kingdom

Nsamba Kabala, District lead mentor, Zambia


Nuranisa Fataruba Nisa, Indonesia

Nzubechukwu Nzewi, Principal Critical Care Nurse, Nigeria

Obinna Okoy , Pharmacist, Nigeria

Obiora Maludum, United States

Oky Setiarso, Indonesia


Oliver Greenwood, Medical Student, United Kingdom

Oluwatosin Ayinde, Nigeria

Omer Altaf, Pakistan

Osama Javed, GP trainee, United Kingdom

Oumanou Édouard Sawadogo, Burkina Faso


Oxana Smalko, Medical Union, Ukraine

Paddy Stratton, HCA, United Kingdom

Paola Prina-Cerai, Psychotherapist (retired), United Kingdom

Papa Sosthène Konate, Burkina Faso

Parichart Tidpraseart, Registered nurse, Thailand


Patricia Baird, ST6 C Oncology, United Kingdom

Patricia Cielo, Philippines

Patricia Langton, Child psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Patricia Morfitt, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Patricia Ng’andu, Microbiologist, Zambia


Patricia Padre, Philippines

Patrick Brett, Carer, United Kingdom

Patrizia Bozinoski, Austria

Paul Strutt, Osteopath, United Kingdom

Paula Fitzsimon, CBT Therapist, United Kingdom


Paulus Januar, Indonesia

Pedro Luis Veliz Martinez, Cuba

Penelope Harrington, Homeopath, United Kingdom

Peter Finn, Nurse (retired), United Kingdom

Peter Langhorne, Physician, United Kingdom


Peter Taylor, United Kingdom

Pham Thi Minh, Vietnam

Phil Brand, HCA, United Kingdom

Philippa Middleton, Sonographer, United Kingdom

Phuong Hoang, Vietnam


Phuong Huynh, Vietnam

Pippa Lewis, United Kingdom

Piyada Srisuwan, Thailand

Poolpruek Soparat, Dentist, Thailand

Pornpimol Chakatanbadee, Pharmacist, Thailand


Precious Melad, Philippines

Priscilla Pramono, Indonesia

Quynh Dinh, Vietnam

Rachael Bradley, Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom

Rachel Copes, Living well Sister, United Kingdom


Rachel Kenward, Pharmacist, United Kingdom

Rachel Steele, United Kingdom

Raffat Akram, Nurse, Pakistan

Rahmah Ramadhani Bara, Indonesia

Rahmat Awoniyi, United Kingdom


Rajat Jain, India

Ralph Anthony Valderrama, Philippines

Rantini Nurdiniyah, Indonesia

Rasa Lama, Health care assistant, United Kingdom

Rebecca Harris, GP trainee, United Kingdom


Recivall Salongcay, Philippines

Regina Quiogue-Magalona, Philippines

Reka Septiara Irawati, Indonesia

Rendy Sentosa, Indonesia

Rex Ternida, Philippines


Rhiannon Osborne, Medical Student, United Kingdom

Ridho Naibaho, Indonesia

Ridwan Rahman, Pharmacist, United Kingdom

Rina Isnu, Indonesia

Rina Ristiana, Indonesia


RinaIsnaeni Asmalia, Indonesia

Rita Charters, Specialist Clinical Fellow, United Kingdom

Riyani Warso, Indonesia

Rob Miller, Bank healthcare assistant, United Kingdom

Robb Johannes, Health Promotions Specialist, United Kingdom


Robert Cadzow, Carer, United Kingdom

Robert Thomson, Pharmacist, United Kingdom

Robin Duncan, Nurse, United Kingdom

Roger Harvey, Pharmacist, United Kingdom

Rojhan, Paramedic, Pakistan


Rosa Garcia, Philippines

Rosalin Maruf, Indonesia

Rose Marie, United Kingdom

Roushan Ara, United Kingdom

Roy Hamid, Indonesia


Ruby Riana Asparini, Indonesia

Rukhsana Mubarak, Pakistan

Ruth Brading, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Ruth Butler, Nurse, United Kingdom

Ruth Calthrop, Practice Nurse/Minor Illness Nurse, United Kingdom


Ruth Carman, PGME Quality Assurance Lead, United Kingdom

Ruth Millar, Carer, United Kingdom

Ruth Southall, Support worker, United Kingdom

Ruthy Libatique, Philippines

S Chava, India


Saddam, Paramedic Lab Tech, Pakistan

Saddam, Paramedic, Pakistan

Sakina Pervin, Bangladesh

Salem Dayfan, Health worker, United Kingdom

Sally Chapman, Nurse, United Kingdom


Sally Clark, Senior Perioperative Assistant, United Kingdom

Sally Duns, Addictions Practitioner, United Kingdom

Sally Simmons, Radiology receptionist, United Kingdom

Sam Alston, Home Special Needs Support Worker, United Kingdom

Sana Fatima, Pakistan


Sandra Gillett, Support worker, United Kingdom

Sandra Heron, Clinic Co-ordinator, United Kingdom

Sandra Kaighin, Senior Radiographer, Isle of Man

Sandra White, ATO sterile services technician, United Kingdom

Santosa Yanuar, Indonesia


Sara Lightowlers, Clinical Research Fellow, United Kingdom

Sarah Clark, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Sarah Gonzalez, RN, United States

Sarah Gray, Midwife, United Kingdom

Sarah Hargreaves, United Kingdom


Sarah Hennessy, Australia

Sarah Holden, Staff Nurse, United Kingdom

Sarah Keith, United Kingdom

Sarah Tittensor, Clinical nurse specialist, United Kingdom

Sari Endah Hartanti, Indonesia


Saurabh Bahl, CT2, United Kingdom

Sefti Rukmana, Indonesia

Selvia Sy, Indonesia

Seno Kamil Muhammad, Indonesia

Seska Dumais, Indonesia


Shaan Asghar, Paramedic, Pakistan

Shanthi Akomeah, Medical laboratory scientist, Ghana

Sharon Jennings, Dispensary Assistant, United Kingdom

Sharon Walker, Midwife, United Kingdom

Shaukat Channan Masih, Pakistan


Shazia Anwar, Pakistan

Sheila Halpin, Community Paediatrician (retired), United Kingdom

Shinta Pratiwi, Indonesia

Shokhla Alizadeh, Russia

Shona Dunbar, Staff nurse, United Kingdom


Sienah Sebatjane, Student Nurse, South Africa

Sintya Deshi Paramitha, Indonesia

Siobhan Barrow, RGN, United Kingdom

Siti Wahdini, Indonesia

Sitti Rizaliyana, Indonesia


Solomon Kumah, Disease Control and Surveillance, Ghana

Somsak Supawitkul, Thailand

Sonia Benslama, Tunisia

Sophie Williams, Mental health practitioner, United Kingdom

Sougourounoma Henri Kabore, Burkina Faso


Sri Mulyani, Indonesia

Sri Nelianti, Indonesia

Sri Sapsrni, Indonesia

Stella Arhin, Health information officer, Ghana

Stephen Suckling, Support worker, United Kingdom


Stephen, Junior Medical student, Cameroon

Steven Ersser, Professor of Nursing, United Kingdom

Steven Mariano, Benin

Stivala Mireille, France

Sudip Saha, United States


Sue Greenwood, Podiatrist, United Kingdom

Sue Wilson, Nurse (retired), United Kingdom

Sultan, Paramedic, Pakistan

Supanai Prasertsuk, Pharmacist, Thailand

Surya Wartati, United States


Susan Broady, Senior clinical practitioner, United Kingdom

Susan Jones, HCA, United Kingdom

Susan Robertson, Health worker (retired), United Kingdom

Susan Wilkie, Staff nurse, United Kingdom

Susana Flores, Lic. Enfermería, Bolivia


Susanna Maybin, Medical Adviser INGO sector, United Kingdom

Suwrov Chowdhury, Bangladesh

Suzanna Meakins, Social Worker, United Kingdom

Syed Hasnain Ali Abbas, Pakistan

Sylvia Gunawan, Indonesia


Talay Hakan , Fibroscan Technician , United Kingdom

Tanya Ralph, Nurse, United Kingdom

Tasrun Amir, Indonesia

Tatiana Sigerson, Carer, United Kingdom

Tecla Otieno, Nurse, Kenya


Teresa Ferguson, Clinical pharmacist, United Kingdom

Terry O’Donovan, Sonographer, United Kingdom

Theresa Oge, Nurse, Nigeria

Thomas Ludlam, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Tien Nguyen, Vietnam


Timothy Banda, Nurse, Zambia

Tobi Owootomo, Physiotherapy, United Kingdom

Tony Rimmer, United Kingdom

Tri Catur Sari, Indonesia

Trina Dinan, Staff Nurse, Ireland


Trise Nurhayati, Indonesia

Tung Nguyen, Vietnam

Ubaid Ali, Pakistan

Uchizi Nkhoma, Environmental health practitioner, Zambia

Ulrika Davidsson, Clinical support worker, United Kingdom


Umme Hanee, Bangladesh

Umratun Khasanah, Indonesia

Urat H Simanjuntak, Indonesia

Valerie Christine Webber, Nurse, United Kingdom

Veronica Deane, HSA (retired), United Kingdom


Veronica Wehrle, Support Worker, United Kingdom

Vicky Burnard, Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom

Vicky Hodgson, United Kingdom

Vikki Dipple, Registered nurse, United Kingdom

Vilma Vicente, Guatemala


Vinciane Petithan, Belgium

Vitalii Levytskyi, Traumatologist, Ukraine

Vivi Guizot, Indonesia

Vivienne Shaw, Health Care Assistant, United Kingdom

Vong Vuthy, Cambodia


Vu Hieu, Vietnam

Waheed Zaman Mallah, Pakistan

Wale Hudson-Roberts, United Kingdom

Waliid Elmi, Surgical Nurse, Somalia

Wascar Gonzalez, United States


Wasim Idoo, Dental surgeon, United Kingdom

Wilfrid Devalis, Laboratoire médical, Haiti

William Penman, Carer, United Kingdom

Wunna A K Thein, United Kingdom

Yacubu Addoayi Allotey, Emergency medical technician, Ghana


Yared Demeke, Senior Health System Access Advisor, Ethiopia

Yasir Jatoi, Pakistan

Yasmin Begum, Bangladesh

Yassia Nacanabo, Burkina Faso

Yayang Asmalia, Indonesia


Yesika Nadya, Indonesia

Yetunde Elizabeth Asunbo, Health Educator, Nigeria

Yolanda Gil Alonso, Registered nurse, Spain

Yosefin Felina Sari, Indonesia

Yvette Barnett, United Kingdom


Yvonne Asiedu, Surgical Trainee, United Kingdom

Zahid Ameen, Paramedic, Pakistan

Zahid Lashari, NGO Worker, Pakistan

Zahid Zahoor, Pakistan

Zahoor Wassan, Pakistan


Zain Shah, Paramedic, Pakistan

Zebaa Kalimullah, United States

Zeshan Sindhu, Paramedic, Pakistan

Zib Baines, Carer, United Kingdom

Ziriyi Achi, Pharmacist, Nigeria


Zoe Bennett-McNab, Healthcare Assistant, United Kingdom

Zulvayanti Zulvayanti, Indonesia

Владимир Кузив Председатель Тернопольской областной организации профсоюзов работников здравоохранения, Ukraine

Ірина Дегрик профспілка медичних працівників, Ukraine

กรเกศ สมัครพงศ์, Thailand


นนทยา ตั้งภูริ, Thailand

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