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EduLearnWeb Tech Services

EduLearnWeb in an online and offline service provider. We offer digital services to numerous clients. Businesses, Bloggers, Churches, NGOs etc have all benefited from our professional services.

Website Designing

EduLearnWeb is a dynamic online portal. We have built some amazing websites for clients which include. Yours is the next design on the table.

and many more


ūüüĘ Tech Professional Training

(Website Design Training)

  • We offer training workshops in website design- you to master and design websites in just (4 days) at an unbeatable price. (Novice become professionals). You can venture into website designing part-time or full time after the training. This training teaches you all you need to know from A to Z.
  • You complete the training with a site you created by yourself.
  • We train you in website management for businesses, NGOs, Churches, etc.
  • You also receive pro themes, plugins, etc worth over $600 after completing

Blogging Hero Training

  • We teach content writing step by step.
  • Content writing best practices
  • How to trend content from start to finish
  • How to generate ideas


SEO training

  • Search Engine Optimization Training for Beginners is a well-crafted training to help corporate organizations, churches, NGOs, and Blogs get their content noticed and rank on search engines.
  • Bonus: Google Search Console


Digital marketing

  • Building a brand, followers, and sales.
  • Customer service.
  • Bonus – How to write ads that go viral and convert.


Excel Training – Beginner to advance

ūüüĘ General Business Consulting

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