No BECE cut-off point must stop now, it is destroying Basic Education 

No BECE cut-off point must stop

The No BECE cut-off point for junior High School graduates must stop now, it is destroying Basic Education. This is the call from many Ghanaians as the Free SHS and cut-off point resurfaces.

In 2017, the government of Ghana scrapped the BECE cut-off point for admission into Free SHS however this decision is destroying Basic Education.

Examinations are supposed to be competitive which ensures students prepare very well for the assessment.

The current system of virtually removing the cut-off point means that no students need to work extra hard towards the examination since nearly all students end up at the SHS unless they fail a core pay like Mathematic or Integrated Science and obtained grade 9.

This has led to the flooding of our secondary schools. The decision that secondary education should be the least level any Ghanaian child can attain is laudable however, the approach of free for all is negatively affecting the seriousness with which candidates prepare for the examination and the quality of input the BECE is generating for SHS in the country.


Teachers at the JHS level sometimes struggle to convince their learners to put in the extra effort. Students know going to Secondary school is 95% assured with any grade between 9 ones and aggregate 48 which does not have a 9 in Mathematics and Integrated Science.

The No BECE cut-off point must stop because the policy for students who complete basic school and sit the BECE has really made most pupils very lazy and morally not upright.

They are just passing through the JHS without really mastering the basics of the subjects they learn. This can affect the learners when they get admitted to SHS.

This policy has affected most private schools because parents now prefer to send their wards to public basic schools. In fact, private schools are not being patronized like they used to be.

That is why pupils with an aggregate score of 48 are placed in SHS to waste their precious time instead of looking for better ways out. Private SHSs are also struggling to remain in business.


In the past students with bad grades ended up in private schools and get polished to compete with their colleagues when they all meet at the tertiary level.

Due to the Free for all and the No BECE cut-off point, every BECE graduate wants to attend a government school. The huge numbers in such schools mean trouble for such students, government finance, and others.

Now you can bring any grade to school, there is no proper examination, no repeating of students, no opportunity for anyone to sack a student based on academic performance.

Teachers cannot even attempt to punish students preparing for BECE who are not serious or are constantly misbehaving.

The future might not be bright and fair at all and the no BECE cut-off point may create future problems for our basic education.


A section of the Ghanaians have even called for the cancellation of the BECE if there will not be any cut-off point.  Others feel the no BECE cut-off point is a well thought out plan by politicians to destroy the education system for Ghanaians while they provide the best of education for their kids by enrolling them in international schools home and abroad.

Ghanaians are like the chameleon, you can find all the colours once a topic is raised and so some also feel they are all Ghanaian citizens and must be benefit from Ghana’s petroleum products through Free SHS and no BECE cut-off point and that the two policies together are the best for Ghana.

A commentator had this to say “Even if you make it aggregate 900 to the university kraaa they still can’t beat those of us who got aggregate F9 in chains in 2000 years ago 🤣 just that we fear those who will pass through the education system with these grades, graduate and cry for employment into the public sectors”

Let us face the facts, this no cut-off point and other factors account for students abysmal performance in our schools of late.

We seem to be gradually destroying our future with freebies and good policies implemented wrongly. Destroying the basis of our education in this country will hunt us one day.


Let’s be sincere, this matter of no cut-off point for BECE graduates is killing the education in our fewer privileged communities, unlike the previous years, now the children don’t learn at all and they will send the same attitude to SHS and fail in the WASSCE exams.

How it pains me, sometimes I wonder if our leaders do think about the negative implications of this decision.  “If you give your child all the freedom without restrictions, he will bring you shame”

“From my careful observation, I can clearly conclude that most of us in Ghana don’t understand education.   Who said education should only be only formal?

How many Ghanaian movies stars, footballers, musicians, artists, and the likes passed through formal education?  These experiences have were gained through other forms of education and not merely formal education.

Cut-off point as suggested by many people may reduce the intake of students but the policy reads “Free SHS for all” and not academically good students only.


Now come to think of this. If the government decides to introduce a cut-off point as you say, the government will end up catering for the wards of the rich who had quality education in the cities and big towns across the country at the expense of the poor village children who don’t even have enough learning materials.

How many pupils in the villages can score an aggregate of 6 or better?  Everybody does not need a formal education to succeed in life. Most of us claiming we had quality education in past are not doing anything on our own but are still dependants on the government.  I will welcome ideas that suggest that the government should control the 100% freedom given to students in order to make them better persons in the future.

Instead of being serious, stubborn students increase their unseriousness because Free SHS with no cut-off point will take them into SHS and this must be reconsidered.

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Those who enter SHS with bad grades are stubborn and recalcitrants too. No iota of seriousness towards their education and teachers can’t punish them too.


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This BECE cut-off aggregate must be revisited to bring some quality in the students produced at the Junior High School as well as second-cycle schools in the country. It will go a long way to make the candidates sit up and take their studies seriously. The No BECE cut-off point must stop.


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