WAEC confirms exams leakages occur in WASSCE

WAEC exams leakages

WAEC has constantly indicated that it has put in a place robust security systems that prevent examination leakages. Its previous assertion could be likened to the infamous Titanic Ship. 

How ever the examining body has swallowed it pride and confirmed that leakages sometimes occur. 

This information released by WAEC was monitored by Edulearnweb.com on Citi973.

The examining body confirmed that questions sometimes for its examinations get into wrong hands right in WAEC’s strong room.

WAEC confirms exams leakages revealed


In the interview, the council also confirmed that the leaked list of examiners and their contacts were true as alleged earlier by Africa Education Watch.


This revelation is a testament to the fact that, examination leakages are initiated right within WAEC’s bosom and not by students who end up having their results cancelled and are sometimes asked to rewrite the same paper.

This is very disturbing and Ghana and the examining body must face the annual leakage of exams questions head on. 

One question that needs to be answered is, if WAEC initiates punitive measures against its own who initiate exams leakages and if they are deterring enough to other actors.

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The credibility of the WAEC is on the line and the WASSCE certificate is gradually losing value. 


During such national examinations, leakage is just one of the malpractices. Others such as Impersonation, Smuggling of foreign materials into the exams hall, copying or being permitted by invigilators to copy, collusion thus passing around of information from one candidate and the other in the exams hall and makers malpractice thus intentionally altering of marks or grades to either  inflate or deflate a candidate’s actual performance at a fee are practices we cannot deny go on. 

Due to the above, today, students who excel in the WASSCE are less celebrated, many grades made by students are even doubted.

Reacting to the revelation,  Africa Education Watch  said the confirmation of leakages occurring in the WASSCE by WAEC  is “a very disturbing development threatening the integrity of Ghana’s second cycle assessment system.

WAEC must use an open door policy that allows independent views, whistle blowers, triggers, allegations, reports of suspected leakages to engage their attention. 


Education blogs like Edulearnweb and NewsGhana24 have reported suspected leakages and examination malpractices in schools with the most recent one being Dadieso SHS, yet nothing seems to have been done. WAEC does not even have a phone line dedicated to lodging exams leakage complaints to the right officers. It needs to be proactive even as the public performs its duty as a watchdog. 

To fight this canker, WAEC must be committed to clamping down websites, social media pages and individuals alleged to be engaging in leaking questions in exchange for money. 


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WASSCE 2020 questions are still being leaked and those cashing in and those gaining undue advantage by having access to these questions have become more intelligent and extra careful that, it will take WAEC another 10 years and a new approach to understand how these criminals operate.

The day, if our examinations begin to test skills and practical know-hows acquired by students, instead things memorized cheating in examinations will be a thing of the past.


Today every student is looking for a quick way of obtaining grades and not the skills and professional knowledge most needed.

Long-term effect of examination leakage

Have we attempted to examine the long-term effect of examination leakage and other malpractices?

Such acts breed high levels of irresponsibility , laziness, lack of self determination among students, teacher do not even have to work hard to prepare students since they will chose the easy way out. Since the grades a student obtained is not the actual output or knowledge acquire it would lead to high level of incompetence. Some of those who continue their study to the next level have challenges staying relevant because they cheated their way through.

The integrity of the examining board becomes questionable due to failed systems and examination corrupt alliances.

The WAEC needs to rethink and re-engineer modern ways to deal with leakages and other forms of examination malpractice since the current systems are leaking. WAEC exams leakages  may be old as WAEC but we need a solution older than the canker. If we still dont have one, WAEC must start thinking.



Source: Edulearnweb.com

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