Warning Signs Associated With Poor Teacher Leadership

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Leadership in schools is not the preserve of only head teachers because both class teachers and subject teachers in Pre – tertiary school are themselves leaders who learners look up to. If a teacher lacks the needed leadership skills and training he or she will create troubles for himself, the head teacher, and the school. Warning signs associated with poor Teacher Leadership are always written on the wall but for stakeholders to realize it takes more than just knowing who qualifies as a good teacher.

For teachers to be seen as leaders, they must first develop the skills and knowledge of how to lead themselves as individuals. For an educator teacher to be self-led implies being self-disciplined, having self-awareness a possessing a high level of emotional intelligence. Besides these, a self-led teacher has the ability to maintain positive relationships and own up for and take responsibility in school and out of school in every action taken with the profession as a teacher always guiding him or her. 

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However, the teacher population is confronted by diverse issues that affect their abilities as educators to lead themselves. The individual educator may display high unprofessional behaviours as a result of poor teacher leadership skills.

Warning Signs Associated With Poor Teacher Leadership

Poor choices and decisions can make teachers lose their self-respect. Teachers who go beyond their teacher-learner boundaries to engage in unaccepted acts and behaviours and those who are too soft lose and unconcerned easily lose their respect in many instances.

Teachers who complain of being tired with managing their classes and learners and decide to leave them to behave anyhow are more likely to lose total control of the class. Sometimes it takes the intervention of another teacher to bring such a class under control. 
A teacher who has lost his place in a school or class is an educator who has no targets or does not set benchmarks for his learner to challenge them. All he or she is only interested in is teaching without helping students to work towards a goal.
Assume an English teacher preparing WASSCE students for their final exams yet he or she does not discuss with the student the grade the students want to achieve and the expectations he has for them. In the absence of this, you cannot tailor your efforts toward any goal. You have failed as a teacher in this regard. This also means setting your behavioural expectations right for the students and working with them to achieve them.

A teacher with leadership problems has a high rate of absenteeism. He or she can be absent by with excuses and without excuses but sees nothing wrong with it. How can you be a good example to the students?. Soon they will give you names and when they become truant, it becomes difficult to deal with them. 

Again, teachers who have lost their leadership position in school or in the presence of learners often exhibit low levels of self-confidence. They are always burned out and constantly report to school late.

Teachers struggling to lead their pupils or students often yell at their learners since that is the only way they can get everyone’s attention and get some level of orderliness into the class. Without that, they just can not maintain the needed order and discipline in the classroom.

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Learners get hurt, others become sick, some need to be guided whiles for others getting in contact with their parents helps to know the real problem of the learners from home and to share their progress with parents. I many instances, teachers who lack leadership and think less about their learners make little or no effort to contact the parents and keep them informed. Getting to know your learner’s parents and building a cordial relationship can push you to go all out to help the learner.

The appearance of the teachers can boost their confidence and help them gain respect. Improperly dressed teachers are an insult to the teaching profession and can become a laughingstock to students, colleagues, and the community. Lead your self, and dress in the inappropriate attire to school. This needs not to be expensive but presentable. 

If we teachers continue to develop their skills and abilities to cover the issues discussed in this write, it will go a long way to help them as leaders in the classroom, the school, and the community.  


Source: Wisdom Hammond| Leadership Expert and Freelancer



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