Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

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Want To Write For Us?

The objectives of EDULEARNWEB are to inform, educate, empower, and inspire through the production of quality content. We do this by publishing interesting and well-researched articles on Africa-centric, world topics of interest in education, news items, and more learning resources in Education, Health, Technology among others every single day!

Do you have a topic you want to share with the world?

A question you want to answer?

A stone you want to overturn?


You can send your articles, content, stories from your campuses as well and get it published on EDULEARNWEB. Develop your creative writing skills as you share with the world on EDULEARNWEB.


We would love to hear from you! In order to submit an article for publication to our website, please follow these guidelines:

Want To Write For Us? -Find our general rules

  • Preferred article structure: introduction, main body, conclusion.
  • Preferred word count: 350 words.
  • Article must be relevant to Africa or the world at large, on varied topics that will interest the world as a whole.
  • Article must be relevant to one of our categories: Health and Science, Education, Arts, Technology, Environment, Culture etc. If it has some education element, we will publish it.

Style to Follow if you want To Write For Us

  • For the structure of the article, please follow the classic rule: “Say what you’re about to say, say what you’re saying, and say what you’ve said.” That is why it is best to include an introduction, a middle section, and a conclusion.
  • If your middle section includes multiple points, please include a sub-heading for each point.
  • Your introduction should be punchy, captivating, and positive.
  • Your conclusion should summarise the most important points of the article and perhaps speculate about the future of the topic.
  • All your sentences should be short and crystal clear. To help with understanding, you can include a glossary with definitions for more complicated words (or explain them in brackets like this!).
  • Make sure that each paragraph of the article is expressing a separate and well-defined point.


  • Assume that your reader has no prior knowledge of your topic. Make sure you explain everything they need to know about in order to understand your points.
  • Avoid culturally specific examples where possible. If you are not from Africa, remember that you are writing for a Pan-African audience.
  • If you are trying to convince the reader of something that you believe in (ie. expressing an opinion or a moral stance), your argument must be purely based on fact and include no emotional or moralizing language.

Now you have all the tools you need to put your ideas on paper. Before you start, please take a moment to peruse our archives, and get a feel for how we write and what we write about. If you still think your idea and style will fit into our website, go for it!

To submit, please send us an email at with your name, qualifications, article title, and article. We can’t wait to read your entries!