Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

29 thoughts on “70% of 2021 BECE students want their scripts remarked – Report

  1. I want WAEC to go through my script and remark it for me else my father will me going to school and am not ready to stop schooling because I could see that I have a bright future like being a motor vehicle engineer so please help me with this my problem thank you.

  2. Please i am in the person of Yeboah Francis.A proud student at Kutunse MA 3 basic and I am not satisfied with my result so please I want WAEC to remark my result. Thank You.

  3. Please I’m osei Bonsu renny from ahafo goaso I not satisfied with my results so I want waec to remark it for me . I attended school at ahafoman basic school at goaso

  4. Please Waec i would be grateful if you cross-check and remark my script again because am a good student when you come to Asutsuare Estate D. A Basic 2.thank you

  5. Please i am also Kyeremiah Kwame Joseph, from Enchi Methodist jhs in Aowin District in Western North Region, i want my script to be remarked.
    I thought there was a slightly mistake when recording my paper.
    Please do something for us.

  6. WAEC please I would be very much grateful if u remark my script for me and also am pleading for all candidates who sat for the bece in last year 2021 to cross check our scripts for us.
    WAEC please do something

  7. Hi, my name is EMMANUEL TETTEY please I would be happy if you go through my I.C.T, TWI, SOCIAL STUDIES and ENGLISH. I can’t imagine that i had 6 in Twi please i beg you

  8. WAEC Please I would be very grateful if you go through mine script and remark it for me.Please do something about it. Thank you

  9. I want WAEC to remark my paper My name is Acheampong Gyan Edwin from bono region completed Owusu Great providrr index number 0603104002 please do the remarking for me because what i wrote is not what I got

  10. Hi, my name is Rony Apasu. I am not satisfied with my results. I can never get grade 5 in Science nor grade 4 in ICT. I hope you do something about it as soon as possible. Thank you.

  11. Hi, my name is Elorm Wordi. I am greatly disappointed with the outcome of the BECE results, so please can you cross check it for me. I attended Anunmle Basic School and my index number is 0126028035 Thank you.

  12. Please I am Hamza Abdulkabir Chelpang.I respectfully plead with you to go through my bece papers am remark it for me please.i humbly plead with you to remark my papers for me in the Name of God or what so ever you believe in.??????

  13. Hi, I’m Caleb Agyekum from Spring Hill Academy. I want my Math script to be remarked because I don’t understand why I had 3 in math . I finished all the questions and I was very sure I would pass but it came out me getting 3. I want it to be remarked .thank you.

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