Final BECE 2021 sample questions for Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Final BECE 2021 sample questions for Information Communication Technology (ICT) : 2021 BEST BRAIN Mathematics Mock 2021 BECE School Selection Reforms

EDULEARNWEB.ORG Final BECE 2021 sample questions for Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The ICT examination at the BECE level has become an important part of the Junior High School leaving examination. Candidates preparing for the November 15–19th examination this year are therefore preparing for the paper. To help students finalize their preparations for the upcoming examintion,  we are sharing an in-house set of sample questions to help candidates test their readiness for the examination. The questions provided here are well structured to access candidates.


Final BECE 2021 sample questions for Information Communication Technology (ICT) Q1-20

1. The flat panel screen is also known as

2. The device that the computer uses to keep data is
A. input device
B. output device
C. processing device
D. storage device

3. The first key on the computer keyboard is
A. Caps Lock
B. Delete C. Enter D. Esc


4. In which of the following are the storage devices arranged on the basis of lowest to the highest capacity?
A. CD, DVD, Floppy Disk and Hard Disk B. Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, DVD and CD C. Floppy Disk, CD, DVD and Hard Disk D. Floppy Disk, DVD, CD and Hard Disk

5. A pen drive
A. inputs information
B. puts out information C. retrieves information D. stores information

6. Processed or transformed facts which are meaningful to the user is called
A. data
B. information
C. input
D. output

7. The following are possible health hazards of prolonged use of the computer system except
A. back and neck pains

B. eye strain
C. tuberculosis
D. wrist pains



8. Which of the following statements is not true?
A. Remove all removable storage media or device from the system unit when switching on a computer.
B. Shut down a computer system before removing the electric power supply
C. Random access memory is part of main memory
D. The application software must be loaded before an operating system can be loaded when a computer system is switched on.

9. GUI stands for
A. Grand User Interface B. General User Interface C. Graphic User Interface D. Graphical User Interrupt

10. The software that manages the communication between the hardware and the application software of a computer system is called
A. open office
B. Microsoft office C. operating system D. internet

11. Windows organizes information on computers using a
A. directory
B. folder
C. subdirectory
D. disk

12. Which of the following is not an input devise
A. Printer
B. Scanner
C. Keyboard
D. Joystick



13. ……… is any graphical control element that provides the user a simple way to trigger an events on a computer.

A. Machine
B. Button
C. Device
D. Controller


14. Any device connected internally or externally to a computer and used in the transfer of data to or from a computer is a

A. Machine
B. Optical drives

C.  Input devices
D. Peripheral devices


15. Which of the following is not a safety measure to consider in the ICT environment?
A. Not overloading a socket
B. Sitting in a correct posture behind the computer
C. Allowing the battery of a laptop to run-down before charging
D. Avoid plugging computers in damaged sockets

16. The legal right to control the production and selling of a book, play, film and software is known as
A. production right
B. copyright C. trade mark D. patent

17. Which of the following can bring enhanced learning experience to the classroom through the use of pictures, videos and sound?
A. Software application B. Multimedia software C. Learning software
D. Teaching and learning software

18. Carbon paper is used in receipt writing as ……….. is used in the printing of documents from the printer

A. A4Paper
B. Toner
C. Printer
D. Copier


18. Viewing television for long periods can damage an individual’s
A. eye
B. head
C. mouth
D. nose

19. Which of the following is an effect of loud ringing tone of mobile phone?
A. Headache
B. Wrist pain
C. Bleeding nose
D. Damage to hearing

20. Which of the following cannot cause computer virus infection?
A. Removable storage devices
B. Input devices
C. Computer network
D. Internet

Final BECE 2021 sample questions for Information Communication Technology (ICT) 21-40

21. Typed text showed in active cell and also in ___

(A) Formula bar


(B) Ribbon

(C) Title bar

(D) Scroll bar

22. The sharpness of an image on a monitor screen is determined by the number of
A. Inches
B. Pits
C. Pixels
D. Units

23. Which of the following can be used as an input device and at the same time as an output device?
A. Microphone
B. Modem
C. Printer
D. Speaker



24. Which bar show the used formula of selected active cell?

(A) Formula bar

(B) Ribbon

(C) Menu bar

(D) Scroll bar


25. The part of the computer which displays information to the user in soft copy format is the
A. Monitor
B. Printer
C. Processor
D. Scanner

26. What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called ?

A. Column

B. Value

C. Address


D. Cell

27. In Excel, Columns are labeled as ___

A) A, B, C, etc

B. 1,2,3 etc

C. A1, A2, etc.
D. $A$1, $A$2, etc.

28. The default orientation for a word processing document is
A. A4
B. Landscape
C. Letter
D. Portrait


29. To print a document after previewing, use the
A. Edit command button
B. Open command button
C. Print command button
D. Save command button

30. On an email interface, which of the following areas is mandatory to complete and send a message?
A. Sender body
B. Sender name
C. Message header/subject
D. Message recipient email address

31. Which of the following domain name extensions is used by educational institutions?
A. .com
B. .edu
C. .net
D. .org

31. The letter that normally represents the floppy disk in an operating system is
A. A B. C C. D D. E

32. Recycle bin or trash bin contains deleted files and folders from the
A. floppy disk B. flash disk C. hard disk
D. zip disk


33. Keys on a computer keyboard which are used to move the cursor in a specified direction are called
A. arrow keys
B. function keys
C. shift keys
D. special purpose keys

34. To underline a selected text in a word processing program, the keys used are
A. Ctrl + U B. Shift + U C. Alt + U D. Del + U


35 ICT stands for :
A. Inter connected Terminals
B. Intera Common Terminology
C. International Communication Technology
D. Information and Communication Technology


36. The world wide network that makes electronic information available to users is also known as
A. site
B. web
C. browser
D. map

37. Transferring data from a remote computer to a local computer is referred to as
A. downloading B. downlinking C. uploading
D. uplinking

38. A tool for locating information on the internet is the
A. universal engine B. database engine C. search engine
D. deep web


39. A mathematical calculation in a spreadsheet is called
A. label
B. formula C. number D. value

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40. Which of the following features in a browser enables users to fetch the latest copy of a web page?
A. Refresh B.
Forward C. Backward D. Stop


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