Smart SEO and how to rank on page one

Best Search Engine Optimization- SEO ranking strategies for google page one

Page one SEO ranking can it be achieved at all? How to rank page one using the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking practices is a long walk and hard work but you can start it today and reap the good benefits after the hard work.

Ranking on Google and other search engines as a blogger is a key to earning enough if you have monetized your site. Organic traffic to your site is the end result of a smart accurate and safe Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you don’t know how to do a rewarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your pages, and content or you have not been doing it right. Keep your eyes on this page till the end.

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In this context, we will learn how to blow your content to page one on search engines such as Google and Bing.

1. Know the keywords you want to rank for.

To rank for any content, you must carefully select keywords you want to rank for. Each article must have searchable keywords. Now think about the phrases and words that people interested in your content would be typing into Google and Bing searches.

To ensure SEO best ranking practices have at least three keywords you want to rank for per every content you develop.

For this content, the keywords of interest were

  • SEO best practices
  • SEO best practices for 2020-2021 Google
  • SEO ranking strategies for google page one
  • How to rank page one
  • Simple SEO tips and tricks

Now, the big question is what do you use these keywords for and how.

2. Spread your SEO keywords throughout the content

When developing content around your focus keywords, ensure that they are spread across the content in logical sentences.

Do not write content without keywords and without positioning them strategically throughout the post.

If you achieve this feat, your efforts as mastering the Simple SEO tips and tricks will yield results because you will learn how it is done and also drive more organic traffic to your site over time.

3. SEO best practices for 2020-2021 Google

Whiles doing the manual SEO as described above, you need to pay attention to issues that can further enhance your chances of ranking better than other competitors with similar content.

Know that Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of SEO and how friendly the Mobile-version of your site is will impact Search Rankings. Consider installing an Amp version of your site since it will increase the speed of your site and better user experience.

4. Meet Google’s Quality Principle called EAT

Google is a big marketplace with millions of searches per second. They will rank your content if it meets the EAT principle of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Thus your content must reveal expert knowledge that will make your content authority for the keyword you are aiming at raking for. The more you achieve these two the better you gain the trust of readers.

5. Produce Long-Form Content to Improve SERP

Quality and engaging content with good SEO ranking strategies for google page one can drive massive traffic to your site. Quality content with 3000 words attracts more traffic and Google reveals your content in organic searches while those between 900 and 1200 words can also gain more traffic and better ranking. Your expertise on a topic can help you produce such longer content for SEO purposes.

The advice is simple. Start focusing on long-form content to achieve higher search rankings that can also boast of shareable information that keeps them engaged for a long time.

6. Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that you think your readers will be searching for.

Going back to the examples in point one, you will notice the keywords of interest have at least three words.

Take a look at them again.

  • SEO best practices
  • SEO best practices for 2020-2021 Google
  • SEO ranking strategies for google page one
  • How to rank page one
  • Simple SEO tips and tricks


Shorter keywords are very competitive and you will miss up on the tons of content that are speaking about the same keyword.

If you can put the knowledge shared in this content into immediate action, you may see the results after some time. Other important articles on similar issues are coming up soon. For further reading, go to READ MORE.

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